The advanced marketer's guide to real-time marketing.

“Everything in this book just makes so much sense! If the words “content” or “marketing” are anywhere in your job description do yourself a favor and read it cover to cover.” ::: Shelly Towns, VP of Product at :::

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Marketing operations is broken. Let's fix it.

While media has transformed itself over the last few decades into something that no marketer could have imagined in the 1960's, very little has changed in how marketers have structured their operations and strategic approach. The Owned Media Doctrine will show you all the theory, strategy and execution principles you need to bring your brand's marketing function into the 21st century.

Understand the theory behind the missing link in integrated marketing - Owned Media - and how it works with Paid and Earned Media.
Linear, campaign-style marketing planning doesn't work in a real-time environment. Learn how to create a strategic framework that will allow your brand to work in real-time.
Learn what it takes for the marketing function to operate in real time - from staffing to structure to your marketing technology stack.

“Reis and Trout changed the way we think with Marketing Warfare. Anderson did it with The Long Tail. Jackson eloquently welcomes us to the new age of Owned Media and the reality we face as real-time marketers. An immediate must read....and more importantly, an immediate must do.”

Michael Grimes - VP, Omni-Channel Marketing, FinishLine